Blueoak offers remote, on-demand database consulting services: Pay for only what you use and only when you need it. We bill at quarter-hour intervals and invoices are sent out monthly.

Blueoak offers services in the following areas:

  • Scalable Database Design

    RDBMS independent solutions using PowerDesigner, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, or MySQL Workbench to model the Entity Relationship Diagram.

  • High-Performance Database Code

    High-performance methodologies employed to ensure scalability as data-sets grow. Fluent in ANSI SQL, PL/SQL, PLpg/SQL and T-SQL.

  • Database Administration

    Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL Server and Sybase. Very fluent with UNIX/Linux.

  • Bottleneck Identification and System/SQL Tuning

    Using a methodical approach, we identify performance issues and resolve the issues. Our goal is to educate our clients to minimize future issues.

  • Oracle RAC

    Oracle RAC can be time consuming and prone to errors. We can set up a Virtualized (or bare iron) environment. If your local team needs assistance administering a RAC environment, we're available to assist.

  • Date Warehouse/ETL Optimization

    Using a methodical approach, we identify bottlenecks and work with your team to refactor problematic areas.

  • Custom Database Related Services

    With our database background, other vendors have used our services to deploy their products such as Hewlett-Packard's Database Archive (DBA) and Informatica's Data Subset/Masking.

  • Virtualized Database Environments

    Using Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMWare, KVM, or the Windows Hypervisor we set up Virtualized Database environments. Ideal for Testing and local Development sandbox.

  • Scalability Testing

    By instrumenting your server stack, we can run a Load Test to find and resolve bottlenecks.

  • Security Design and Testing

    By running security testing and penetration tools, we can identify issues from design to implementation. We have designed and deployed applications stacks with secure data for internet facing applications.