Blueoak offers remote, on-demand database consulting services: Pay for only what you use and only when you need it. We bill at quarter-hour intervals and invoices are sent out monthly.

Blueoak offers services in the following areas:

    • Scalable Database Design

      • RDBMS independent solutions using PowerDesigner, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, or MySQL Workbench to model the Entity Relationship Diagram.

    • High-Performance Database Code

      • High-performance methodologies employed to ensure scalability as data-sets grow. Fluent in ANSI SQL, PL/SQL, PLpg/SQL and T-SQL.

    • Database Administration

      • Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL Server and Sybase. Very fluent with UNIX/Linux.

    • Bottleneck Identification and System/SQL Tuning

      • Using a methodical approach, we identify performance issues and resolve the issues. Our goal is to educate our clients to minimize future issues.

    • Oracle RAC

      • Oracle RAC can be time consuming and prone to errors. We can set up a Virtualized (or bare iron) environment. If your local team needs assistance administering a RAC environment, we're available to assist.

    • Date Warehouse/ETL Optimization

      • Using a methodical approach, we identify bottlenecks and work with your team to refactor problematic areas.

    • Custom Database Related Services

    • Virtualized Database Environments

      • Using Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMWare, KVM, or the Windows Hypervisor we set up Virtualized Database environments. Ideal for Testing and local Development sandbox.

    • Scalability Testing

      • By instrumenting your server stack, we can run a Load Test to find and resolve bottlenecks.

    • Security Design and Testing

      • By running security testing and penetration tools, we can identify issues from design to implementation. We have designed and deployed applications stacks with secure data for internet facing applications.